Welcome to our silly sexy podcast.

The nude vids are on our rude site BhalaSada.com.

As this site is free, please help us by doing things like clicking on the tweet buttons to promote this site/podcast thing.

We have lots of ideas for the shows, and most will be filming babes in the nude, often being very rude, even using toys and full sex.

As such you must be 18 or older and not offended by such stuff.

If you have ideas for the shows or even want to be on a show, send us a pm via such as our twitter @thejackhorny.

If you are ever contacted by anyone claiming to be us, please contact us via twitter to make sure. You will find that a lot of people are claiming to be from porn sites and so on, who are not. If your ever contacted by anyone clming to be from this or that site, please contact the site direct to make sure, and if they are not real, please contact the police and the sit to worn them.

But please hep promote us by pressing on the tweet thing button.

We did plan on putting some of the vids (edited) on YouTube, but we found they were banned, so, we just you YouTube for the odd thing now and again.

We would love to be sponsored too if anyone is interested.

If your female ad would be interested to pose nude for us, you must be aged 18 or older and be in the UK, and have ID to prove your age.

If you wish to ask our babes a question or whatever, send a pm to our twitter @thejackhorny.


Some countries have decided to adopt laws that you would have thought only communist or Nazi countries would have introduced.

They seek to censor speech more and more.

Such as Scotland with some junk law that makes it a crime to say something that may offend someone [LINK].

If you are offended by our podcasts or posts, then do not listen or read, and just go away.

We do not care if you are offended, we do not care if you are offended on behalf of others (often the case is the group your offended for are not offended and do not want you to speak for them).

If we end up breaking these speech laws, then tough, because you can shove these laws up your ass.

Those who believe in such speech laws must presume the public are stupid and must only be allowed to have state regulated thoughts. It makes you wonder why they bother to allow voting as clearly they do not believe the public have the ability to make the correct thoughts.

To be clear, what we produce is supposed to be a bit of fun, and silly. If your offended, then one suspects your a rather stupid person, who wishes to appear to be clever by claiming they are offended.

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