Model 4 Us

If you fancy being in our podcast, please send us a DM via our twitter site: @smutpodshow

We never contact people to do shoots, so if anyone contacts you to do a shoot for us, please report them to the police. You can always check by sending us a PM on twitter.

To do a shoot for us, you need to be:

  • Female or a couple
  • In the UK
  • Aged 18 or older and have ID to prove your age
  • Happy to be full nude (as a minimum)

Looks do not matter, as we are after real people as well as ‘models’.

We would welcome real couples who would love to talk about there sex lives, and if possible have sex on camera as we film them. We would also love real lesbian couples to do shoots too.

If you have an idea for a show, let us know.

Also if you enjoy listening to someone on one of our shows and want us to do more with that person, let us know.

Finally, please can you help promote this free podcast thing, by doing re-tweets and so on.

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